Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack

Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack

3D Environment (Stylized, Modular, Stylised, Medieval)

Transport yourself to a magical medieval world with this beautifully stylized modular village pack for Unreal Engine. The pack includes 30 detailed modular house meshes with authentic medieval architecture to build your dream village. Surround the houses with 13 stylized trees and plants, as well as 10 textured rock assets to bring your environment to life.

Customize your village with 51 materials, 162 high-quality textures, and special effects like stylized water, waterfalls, and animated skies. Build upon the included blueprints for modular houses, water, and skies or create your own medieval realm from scratch.

Whether you're making an RPG, adventure game, or medieval world, this pack has everything you need. The assets are optimized for beautiful visuals and performance. Simply drag and drop the modular pieces together to create an enchanting medieval village filled with old-world charm. Bring your game vision into a rich, stylized world with this versatile village pack.

Available in Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, Artstation, Cubebrush and CG Trader!
Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack - Unreal Engine Marketplace
Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack - Cubebrush
Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack - Flipped Normals
Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack - Artstation
Stylized Modular Medieval Village Pack - CG Trader

NOTE: You need to enable Generate Mesh Distance Field in Project Settings > Engine > Rendering > Lighting, to the stylized water works properly.


  • 30 modular house meshes
  • 13 plants / trees
  • 3 water meshes
  • 10 rocks


  • 51 materials
  • 2 decals
  • 2 material function


  • 162 textures


  • Stylized Water
  • Stylized Waterfall
  • Stylized Sky / Cloud
  • 4 pre-mounted modular houses

Most models are complete on every side, you can flip them, rotate them, and do everything you want.

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