Star Game Studios is a successful game art company with over 6 years of hands-on experience creating outstanding game art. Our game art services include pre-production, illustration, UX, user interface, concept art, web design, 2D art, visual effects, 3D art, VFX, and animation.


Outsourcing your art production and game development projects to Star Game Studios is a smart idea. We offer a wide range of art services, including animation, 3D art and VFX. Additionally, we can help with creating games. The game’s artists use the most recent technology as well as our unending creativity to create incredible artwork for their project. They also come up with unique characters and amazing environments.


We’ve been in the business of creating 2D art for over 6 years now. We proudly claim to be professional artists, since we’ve handled every aspect of our work from designs to promo images to characters and environments. Our artistic vision encompasses every aspect of our work, from concept art to final products.
2D Character Design
Concept Art
2D Environment Design
2D Tile Set Design
2D art
3D art


Our team of 3D artists is expert when it comes to creating both stylized and photo-realistic cartoons and props. They can also create weapon and game animation using multiple programs.
3D character design
3D Game Modeling
3D Environment Design
3D Assets / 3D Props

Game Animation

Game outsourcing animation has become the new norm in the game development industry. Even the biggest studios, such as EA, Epic Games, FoxNext, and Ubisoft, now outsource 3D animation. Outsourcing helps boost a company's capabilities and reduces development costs while ensuring quality products. Companies can hire a team to complete any amount of work, from individual tasks like character illustrations, 3D art and animation, and UX/UI design, to full-cycle game development.
Realtime VFX
Game Animation