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Revitalize Your 3D Spaces with Unity Store's New Stylized Bathroom Furniture Pack!

The Unity Store is proud to introduce our new Stylized Bathroom Furniture pack, designed to offer your 3D environments a refreshing and unique look. This carefully curated pack is your one-stop solution for creating engaging, immersive, and high-quality bathroom interiors.

Included in this pack are various 3D models that you need to design a fully functional bathroom. The pack consists of a bath, bin, chest, curtain, liquid soap dispenser, mirror, shower, sink, toilet with seat, soap with dish, two toilet brushes, two toilet rolls with holders, two toothbrushes in a pot, two towel rails, two wall towel rails, and additional floor material.

The models are designed with meticulous attention to detail, with no missing faces or polygons. This ensures you can view them from any angle without any visible errors or glitches. You can freely flip, rotate, or alter these models in any way you want, providing you with the flexibility and creative freedom to fit these assets into your unique project seamlessly.

When it comes to technical aspects, we've made sure that this pack stands up to professional standards. The pack features 32 unique meshes, each with automatically generated collisions and Levels of Detail (LODs).

The vertex count of the models ranges from a minimum of 90 to a maximum of 2166, ensuring that the models maintain their aesthetic appeal without compromising on performance.

With 24 distinct materials and material instances, you can customize these models to fit your particular style and aesthetic preferences. The pack also includes 53 textures that help you to add more detail and realism to your scenes.

All textures come in a resolution of 2048x2048, providing a high level of detail without taking up too much memory. The textures are made in the PBR (Physically Based Rendering) style, which includes Diffuse, Normal, Metalness, Roughness, and Ambient Occlusion maps. This ensures that the models interact with light in a realistic manner, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your scenes.

The Stylized Bathroom Furniture pack comes with a helpful overview map and is ready to use straight out of the box. Whether you're building a game, a VR experience, or a simple 3D walkthrough, this pack will provide you with the assets you need to create stunning and realistic bathroom interiors. Grab this pack from the Unity Store today and take your 3D environment design to the next level!

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